Muscle Meltdown Massage

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Aren’t we all aware of the state of our muscles when it comes to our bodies? The answer is definitely “yes!”. This is because our muscles are often the most painful component of our bodies. Many nerve receptors are located there, and if our muscles contract for whatever reason, we experience pain. Most of us try to alleviate muscular stress, from taking medications to bathing in a hot jet. Nobody wants to (or should) use painkillers and muscle relaxants all the time to cure muscular disorders and body pains. Unfortunately, not everyone is inclined to regular workout programs. So, what can be done to relieve muscular tension, treat pains, boost circulation, and eliminate toxins? We feel that one of the greatest treatments known to men is a complete body massage with particular techniques offered by expert massage technicians, focusing on the most troublesome parts.

Muscle Meltdown Massage

The “Muscle Meltdown” massage method may be one of the most outstanding solutions for many people. As the name indicates, the technique involves warming the muscles to make them softer, more relaxed, and more susceptible to a therapeutic treatment. SPA LUX employs Hydrocollators to warm up heat packs with pure water to offer a perfect Muscle Meltdown massage. These hot packs are then carefully put on the body to relax the muscles and provide access to deeper connective tissue locations. Heat alone may relax tense or damaged muscles and relieve pain. It becomes truly therapeutic when paired with a gentler Deep Tissue massage.

We will pre-heat the Hydrocollator packs when you schedule a Muscle Meltdown massage and arrive for your session. The packs are intended to keep their heat throughout the massage, so there is no need to reheat them. You will be escorted to a room and placed on a massage table. Wrapped in towels, the heat packs will be put on different regions of your body (decided by the therapist) to relax the tissue and reach the body’s deep muscles. The packs will cause the tissue to warm up. The heat from the packs will need to enter each location for a few minutes. The therapist will massage a different body section throughout this warming phase. While the heat packs are on the back, for example, the therapist will massage the legs while the back heats up.

Communicate with your therapist to achieve the most comfortable and productive session.

The therapist will move the packs during the session and massage the heated areas. You will feel those deep-seated knots melt away under their hands. At times you will feel the therapist digs right into the deep muscle to loosen it. But, with preliminary heating, the possible pain and discomfort will be significantly reduced. This is the primary purpose of the technique. The main benefit of this technique is that the therapist can access deeper layers of muscles loosened by heat to rip all the benefits of Deep Tissue massage without the pain.

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